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How Much Do Dental SEO Services Cost?

How much do dental SEO services cost? There’s no one answer. The cost of your dental SEO services depends on several different factors. Here, we’ll explore why it’s nearly impossible to estimate a flat-rate price for a single SEO project. An experienced SEO professional will take the time to hear your goals

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How Dentists Can Optimize Their Google My Business Listing

What if you could advertise your dental office on the world’s largest online search platform? With Google My Business, you can. This free digital tool is an easy way to build your exposure, expand your virtual reach and bring more local clients through your doors. However, because there are so many features

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How Can Dentists Measure the ROI of Digital Marketing Campaigns

You’ve read the statistics and heard the promises. You know that Google has claimed 40% of all internet traffic. So, you invested in Google Ads to boost your online visibility and direct more users to your website. You’ve also taken the time to optimize your SEO approach. Now, the waiting game begins. Will your hard work pay off?

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Dentists

When someone greets you by saying, “Your reputation proceeds you”, it’s like a punch to the gut. A backhanded compliment. It means they’ve heard things about you – some, not so great. It takes time to repair your personal reputation based on rumors, gossip, and poor decisions. The good news is,

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Dental Website Design: 6 Key Things to Keep in Mind

There are more than 1.7 billion websites online right now. If you run a dental practice then your potential clients will have come to expect that you’ll have a website for that practice. Not all websites are created equal, however. It’s not enough that your dental website exists; it has to be

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My aim as a dental marketing consultant is to help my clients top the leaderboard when it comes to attracting new clients into their dental practice.