Dental Marketing in the United Kingdom

You trained to become a dentist for a reason, so you don’t want anything getting in the way of you living your dream. Especially not digital marketing.

That’s why I’ll leave the dentistry to you and do what I do best: successfully market your dentistry practice.

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    Let Me Explain Your Current Situation

    Did you know that for every 100,000 people in the UK there are 42 dentists? That means with a current population of 67,886,000; we have approximately 28,512 dentists. Split equally, that’s around 2,300 potential patients per practice.

    However, you and I both know that for a dental office of 3-4+ chairs to thrive, it needs a patient base of between 5,000 to 10,000.

    You’re smart. You can see the numbers aren’t quite stacking up. But you want your business to flourish. You’d love the opportunity to make even more people smile. You’d like more appointments, more patients, more growth. It would help if you had a UK dental marketing expert.

    And that’s where I come in.

    The Dental Marketing Agency for UK Dentists

    You’re here because you understand the importance of marketing your dental practice, but you aren’t sure where to begin. I’m here to show you how I can help you do it.

    Marketing has come a long way in recent years. It’s no longer enough to print flyers for your local town centre or pay for an ad in a newspaper. Your customers are mostly online. They’re using a smartphone every day, and they’re savvy. More importantly; they have options — lots of them.

    Each month in the UK, 97,000 people use Google to search for a ‘dentist near me’. And that one simple Google search returns over 1 billion results. It’s not enough to simply have an online presence anymore; you need to stand out. You need to create content that’s useful for your customer, that appears exactly where they’re searching for it, and uses the language they would use themselves.

    A Digital Marketing Agency Exclusively for Dental Practices

    For the best results, you need the best support. That means somebody who understands the specific pain points of your industry. Somebody experienced in the digital tools and techniques required for business growth. Somebody who is a Google Certified marketer, but also grew up around dental practices and has worked in them, too.

    Why Choose Profitable Dentistry?

    Simple. Because I understand that dental marketing needs something a little different. With 4+ years of marketing experience at an agency or a dental clinic, plus teenage years spent helping at my father’s practice, I know the dental industry better than most digital marketing companies.

    Put it this way: do you want an agency that covers everything, or would you prefer someone that understands your particular niche and focuses their efforts on only the most effective tools?

    Profitable Dentistry is a UK dental marketing agency that specializes in getting brand new customers through your door. To grow your business, I’ll focus on two tools: SEO and Google Ads. Why just two? Because these channels are proven to be the most effective, to drive the most customers, and to give you the most significant return on investment. And I know how important that is to you and your dental practice.

    What results can I expect?

    Though launching Google Ads for dentists in the UK can create immediate impact and results, backing this up with significant SEO growth doesn’t happen overnight. No, great dental SEO takes time; time to analyse where your website is falling short, then time to produce high-quality content, then time to create ads that’ll convert, then time for Google to recognize your site and give it the authority it deserves.

    Building solid SEO foundations and a winning search marketing strategy is a gradual process, so I suggest working on 6, 12, and 24-month timelines to see maximum results.

    Using Proven Methods For Dental Marketing Success

    From stagnant growth to 1,000s of new patients

    Between 1991 and 2016, my father’s dental practice attracted around 450 new patients per year. Through effective search marketing, I was able to build awareness and trust for the practice online and, in turn, drive more customers and business profit.

    In 2017 the practice welcomed 550 new patients, in 2018 they gained 650 more, and by 2019 my father’s practice greeted 1,150 new patients through their door. I achieved this through effective Google Ads and efficient, market-focused SEO.

    From dental startup to flourishing practice in just 3 years

    I helped a private dental startup with just 3 chairs and no online reputation become a market-leading dental practice in a competitive European capital. Within only 2.5 years, they reached 6,000+ registered patients and have now expanded to 6 chairs.

    I achieved this through a complex, targeted Google Ads strategy and a commitment to building high-quality SEO.

    Is performance marketing for you?

    I believe in honest conversations, so just to let you know: search marketing works best for dentists who have access to a population of around 100,000 people within a 10-mile radius, though you can still expect great results if only targeting around 50,000+ people. However, if that’s not you — don’t panic! While the population size and local search volume is the ultimate difference between acquiring 200+ new patients or just 10, it’s still just as important for you to market your business online.

    I can help you effectively grow your practice within a smaller audience, though bear in mind that lower demand will yield slightly smaller results.

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