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Dental Marketing Services

Digital marketing should be every dentist’s priority in this competitive era. About 44 percent of patients who research hospitals on mobile devices make an appointment. Approximately 84 percent use both online and offline sources to find medical services.

People worldwide rely on modern technology to find dentists online. As a healthcare provider, you can no longer rely solely on flyers and word-of-mouth to market your practice. If you do so, you’re missing out on potential clients.

Dental Marketing Services


Why should dentists invest in digital marketing?

With more dentists entering the marketplace, competition can become fierce!

For many younger dentists, the internet is second-nature. Older dentists with established dental practices should view the internet as an advantage to boost their business and stay one step ahead of their younger colleagues. Younger dentists may be keen to take over the market, but by combining great marketing services for dentists and an already established practice, your dental practice can be unstoppable!

What dental marketing services does Profitable Dentistry provide?


Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to dental digital marketing services, Profitable Dentistry provides a purely performance-based marketing approach! What does this mean? We use SEO and/or Google Ads to increase and improve brand awareness, build trust, and grow the number of new patient registrations. But why work with us to create and execute a full dental marketing strategy using these tools?

First, we look out for what’s best for your practice in the long-term. We’ve seen and heard of many examples of unprofessional agencies who try to milk a dental practice in the short-term. For example, some agencies or consultants might provide a Google Ads campaign to a client who asked for it. But with a horrible website that’s not ready to convert visitors, the client notices that the campaign they paid for doesn’t achieve results. That shady agency would simply move on to their next client, taking management fees for a few months, repeating the cycle.

At Profitable Dentistry, our approach is different. We care about mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships between your dental practice and us. It’s not about getting rich quick. Before creating a dental marketing strategy, we look at the status quo. What is your website like? Are you tracking conversions online? How many new patients are you currently generating? How many would you like to generate? What is your available budget?

Look at it this way. If your website isn’t converting visitors and shows several shortcomings, we let you know that these need to be fixed first. This helps to maximise your chances of success online. So, maybe we won’t sell you a Google Ads campaign in this case, but creating the foundations of a great online dental advertising campaign is important before we take that step.

Based on the questions we’ve asked above, and looking at the local competitive landscape, and available time frame to realise results, Profitable Dentistry will set up a custom strategy to give your practice the best ROI.

We do what’s best for your practice, efficiently. Instead of isolated services from different sources, a Profitable Dentistry digital marketing strategy creates a unique, integrated plan for your dental practice. Everything works together, everything works better.

Google Ads for Dentists

If you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your practice’s new patients, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the way to go!

As one of the crucial marketing services for dentists, using PPC through Google Ads needs to be optimised properly. We ensure that every cent of your marketing budget counts!

With proven results in targeted Google Ads campaigns, Profitable Dentistry manages this aspect of dental marketing services according to your locality, competition, and needs. Our understanding of the industry is a great tool in effective Google Ads campaigns!

SEO for Dentists

Your website may look good, but what about its search engine optimization (SEO)? Good SEO gets results – your practice will rank higher on Google, keeping you above your competitors!

If your website is already up and running, Profitable Dentistry can perform an SEO audit of your site as part of our dental digital marketing services. We’ll improve your site’s SEO, or offer suggestions for you to do so.

In an ever-evolving industry, we keep up-to-date with Google’s trends, SEO guidelines, and best practices for the dental industry. Better SEO, better visibility.

Dental Website Design

We provide dental digital marketing services aimed at bringing visitors to your website. After all, your website is where your dental practice can shine! This is the place that visitors are converted into new patients for your business.

A well-designed website is a great asset! Creating websites for dentists requires an understanding of the dental industry – a dental practice and its patients. From your website’s looks to function, Profitable Dentistry designs and maintains your space online.

Keyword Research

For a website to get tons of organic searches, the keywords that you use are key! In efficient marketing services for dentists, we do the research so you don’t have to.

Effective keyword research benefits every aspect of your dental practice online – your website and SEO, Google Ads marketing, and even social media presence!

Are your keywords targeting what potential patients are searching for? Will potential patients who find your site using those keywords find answers to their questions? Will getting traffic from these keywords help you to reach your goals?

Profitable Dentistry constantly engages in effective keyword research, ensuring that your dental practice is ahead of the game.

Google Analytics / Conversion Tracking

How well is your dental practice doing online? Which aspect of your dental digital marketing services is working best for you? Which isn’t performing so well?

Profitable Dentistry uses Google Analytics to show you which channel is bringing traffic to your website. This way, you’ll know whether your SEO, PPC, social media channels, or referrals are performing well, or under-performing. It shows you what’s working well in terms of advertising or what you need to improve.

Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking help us to understand how many people are visiting your dental practice’s website, where they came from, and how many are converting to new patients. We’re making dental digital marketing services more effective.

Content Marketing

Great website content means that your website becomes valuable to visitors. What makes great, valuable content?

Helping potential patients know more about your practice and your dental expertise through informative and regular blog posts is a valuable way to build trust!

At Profitable Dentistry, we know dentistry and we understand dental marketing services. This way, we’ll create content to answer your old and new patients’ questions, address their concerns, and transform your online presence into a reputable resource in the industry.

Which online marketing services are best for your dental clinic?

Where do most people turn to when searching for products or services near them? The internet, of course. Or, more specifically, a search engine. The vast majority use Google, in fact, to find answers to their questions. That’s why we focus so much on Google Ads and SEO for dentists!

Are you a dentist who already ranks in the top 4 for most keywords? There’s probably no need to invest further in SEO campaigns. Focus, instead, on a Google Ads campaign.

Maybe you’re a dentist who’s looking for short-term results in a highly-competitive marketplace. Your competitors’ websites are well-optimized. Opt for an effective Google Ads campaign! This suits your needs, since it could take 1-2 years to reach Page 1 of Google in highly-competitive cities.

What if you’re a dentist based in a less competitive city? Invest in SEO first! This sets you and your practice up for the long-term, giving you an online advantage.

For ambitious dentists who want to dominate the market, attracting as many patients as possible, what’s the best plan of action? You’ve got to focus on getting to Page 1 of Google and opt for a comprehensive dental marketing strategy that includes Google Ads, a local map pack, and organic search results.

How much do digital marketing services for dentists cost?

It depends – what do you need? Think of it this way – how much does a car cost? You can buy a beat-up, used car or a newly-released sports car.

At the very least, a dentist should be willing to invest 750 € per month into online marketing to boost their online visibility via an SEO campaign. For dentists who can afford to invest a little more, by using Google Ads, we recommend at least 1,500 – 2,000 € per month.

Dentists who want to cover both SEO and Google Ads for maximum visibility should be willing to invest at least 2,500 € per month into their dental digital marketing services and activities.

How much should you invest in dental marketing services to successfully attract new patients and fend off competitors?

As a rule of thumb, 7-12% of your dental practice revenue should do the trick.

how we do it

Our campaign focuses on a variety of tactics to get you the exposure you need to thrive. Here's a brief look at what our dental marketing company can do for your practice

We are confident that using these methods, we can deliver the results you need. We don't just use one of these methods - we use them all in combination to make our campaign even more effective.

Profitable Dentistry is one of the few agencies that put the money where the mouth is. We don't want to be one of the many agencies that get paid for going through the motions. No - we want to be rewarded for creating significant, measurable results.

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