A Digital Marketing Agency Exclusively for Dental Practices

With the help of Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation we can drive new patients to you at a profit


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Did you know that dental practices miss out on 80% of new patients by not marketing consistently?

That's a significant amount of people that likely need your services but don't know you exist.

Unfortunately for the majority of dentists, their expertise is medically - related - not marketing - specific. Many dentists simply don't know what's useful when it comes to dental marketing. And that's where an experienced, efficient dental marketing agency comes in.

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Why You Should Choose Profitable Dentistry as Your Dental Marketing Firm

We're different from general marketing agencies in several ways. The first hint is in our name. Profitable Dentistry focuses on you, the dental practice. We specialise in services that help dental offices specifically not banks, not law firms, not lifestyle blogs but dental offices.

Worked in a Google Premier agency for nearly two years, where I honed my skills in Google Ads and SEO while learning firsthand from top industry experts. This knowledge and expertise is what I'll bring to your marketing efforts.

Joined a dental clinic startup and helped to establish it as a leading clinic in a very competitive market within just two years - while spending significantly less money on marketing than the long-term established top 2 players.

Worked full-time in the agency in Slovakia, I went to look for potential agencies that could take over the marketing activities of my father's practice in Germany. After contacting about 50 agencies across Germany and Austria.

the difference

Here’s Where I Say I Can Deliver What You Want

Here at Profitable Dentistry, I know what it takes to effectively market dental practices. I’ve worked as an in-house marketing manager for dental clinics. While there I saw the need for a marketing agency dedicated to helping time-short, cash-strapped dentists effectively advertise their services and attract new customers.

The Profitable Dentistry Difference

Hello, I’m Florian Tomko founder of the Profitable Dentistry dental marketing company. While working at a dental practice as a marketing manager, I recognised the need for dental practices to have a dental digital marketing company that truly understood their specific needs. So I created Profitable Dentistry, a dental marketing firm that focuses on Google Ads and local SEO for dentists.

The sole purpose of the dental online marketing services that I provide is to generate more new business leads for your dental practice and increase your profits.

The Trouble With Most Marketing Agencies…

If that’s got you questioning the role of whoever’s doing your marketing right now, good. Because I’m a dental marketing agency that can help you do better.

But if you want my help, reach out now, because I’m limiting the number of clients I’m taking on to just 10.

how we do it

Our campaign focuses on a variety of tactics to get you the exposure you need to thrive. Here's a brief look at what our dental marketing company can do for your practice

We are confident that using these methods, we can deliver the results you need. We don't just use one of these methods - we use them all in combination to make our campaign even more effective.

Profitable Dentistry is one of the few agencies that put the money where the mouth is. We don't want to be one of the many agencies that get paid for going through the motions. No - we want to be rewarded for creating significant, measurable results.

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