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How Smart Dentists Choose A Dental SEO Company

You’re a committed dentist with 5-star skills. Your community trusts your practice, and patients frequently recommend you to friends and family. Shouldn’t this be enough to attract more patients? Despite your experience and patient loyalty, you need more than just referrals to stay afloat in the 21st-century. Word-of-mouth referrals are

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A Complete Guide to Dental Patient Marketing

Dentistry is an industry that’s continually involving, which is why so many people are opting to work this respectable career. Whether you’re an individual who works for a corporate dentist office or you’re trying to attract new clients to your private practice, having your clinic stand out from the rest

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How Dental Patients Find and Choose a Dentist

It’s recommended that dental practices have a goal of at least 15% growth. Considering most dentists have a 10% loss through normal attrition, this is a reasonable number to make up for the loss and to generate decent revenue. However, most things in life go, this is easier said than done.

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How Smart Dentists Choose the Right Google Ads Agency

What if you could display your dental ads on the biggest search engine in the world? With Google Ads, you can. With this platform, you’ll pay to display a brief, clickable advertisement within the greater Google ad network, popping up on relevant search results across the web. While this can be an incredible

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My aim as a dental marketing consultant is to help my clients top the leaderboard when it comes to attracting new clients into their dental practice.