The Power of Customer Reviews for Dentists

The Power of Reviews for Dentists

Nowadays, people often look to reviews for making smarter buying decisions especially when looking for services online. What customers are writing about your business on the internet can make or break your business. Online reviews are essential to the success of online businesses including dental practices. Health online reviews are important for dentists because it can determine how your dental practice will rank in local search results.

Better health online reviews translate to more new patients for your dental practice. Online reputation is playing a key role in determining whether a dental practice will go out of practice or become a huge success. Individuals looking for a dentist’s services rely greatly on customer reviews website such as Google customer reviews before they decide whether to choose your dental practice based on your online reputation.

Recent studies have revealed that 91% of online people read online reviews before they visit a business, 84% of them trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends or family members, and 68% of them make up their mind after reading between one and six online reviews. For dental practices, the power of reviews cannot be overemphasized. Below are some of the reasons why customer reviews are important for dental practices.

1. Free Advertising

Good customer online reviews are another marketing tool that can be leverage on to advertise your dental practice. Patients trust customer reviews more for the fact that it is not paid advertising. Potential patients have great trust in reviews that are written by actual patients on a dental website more than paid marketing strategies. Every good review written by a client on your web page will be a form of free advertising for your dental practice.

Through customer online reviews, important information about your dental practice including your experience and expertise are revealed to readers. This can help raise individuals’ awareness of who you really are and what you do as a dental practice. Customer online reviews have the power to provide the kind of mass exposure and recognition that would make your dental practice stand out among your local competitors.

2. Improved Search Engine Results

Dental practices spend pretty much to hire the service of an SEO expert to develop dental websites to increase the quality and quantity of their website traffic. Search Engine Optimization makes it possible for them to convert potential patients visiting their web page into customers. Optimized for search engines are also used to increase visibility of a web page to users of a web search engine.

This is something that can be achieved through online customer reviews free of charge. Customer online reviews are powerful tools to influence internet search engine results. Search engines including Google consider how many times your dental practice is mentioned in reviews. If your dental practice is mentioned many times, you are likely to appear higher in the search results for dental practices than those that are not reviewed very often.

3. Peer Recommendations

Recent studies revealed that consumers generally have more trust in peer recommendations than they do in advertising. Though people are most likely to trust direct recommendations from friends and family when considering to visit a dental practice, many prospective clients also consider customer online reviews to be credible.

Each customer online review that recommends your dental practice is a powerful tool for expanding the market reach of your dental practice. It is a known fact that 84% of people trust customer online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, positive customer online reviews can go a long way in recommending the practice and expertise of your dental practice to online readers who are the potential clients. This will help attract more future clients to your dental office.

4. Constructive Criticism and Suggestion

Dental practices view customer online reviews are the reliable source for genuine feedback, constructive criticism and great suggestions. Reviews can help them to learn about the current issue relating to dental practices and the best way to solve these issues. Some customer online reviews may raise issues or suggest improvement related to your dental practice.

This can present you a huge opportunity to publicly address and resolve your client’s concern as well as improving your dental practice. Customer review websites can also be a free source of amazing ideas for your dental practice, since clients can make use of it to suggest other better ways to go about your practice that will be beneficial to both you and your clients.

5. Developing A Closer Relationship With Customers

Customer online reviews, just like many other kinds of social media, provide you with the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with your clients. Dental practices can get to know more about their patients by reading their reviews. Replying their reviews, either positive or negative, demonstrate that you are also interested in what your patients have to say. Your patients can also get to know you as a person through your replies. Developing a closer relationship with your patients is a great way to building a loyal client base for your dental practice.

6. Social Reach and Trust Building

People no longer blindly trust dental practices that promote their own services to other through paid marketing strategies. Nowadays, they put their trust more in customer online reviews which is a free advertising. Also, researchers have found out that customer online reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted by readers than descriptions that come from businesses either through paid advertising or self-praise.

People now rely largely on honest and unfiltered opinion from real users of a particular service to form an opinion of their own. Dental practices with great customer online reviews are getting higher ratings which directly correspond with increased revenues. This has made customer reviews a vital tool for building a bigger social reach and establishing genuine trust which can help turn prospective clients into paying clients.

Final Word…

Nowadays, potential patients hugely rely on customer reviews website especially Google customer reviews to form an opinion whether to pay a visit to your dental practice. This is because it helps them to find out about customer experiences from patients who have used your services before booking appointments. Positive customer reviews can make your dental practice become a great success, while negative customer review can make you go out of practice.

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